1. Peter

  2. Loading

  3. Happy Earth day from the Joburg Market


  4. Radioactive (Synchronice Remix) by Incede

  5. Portrait

  6. The ghost recyclers of Jeppe

  7. Two sides of the square

  9. Park station where trains sleep

  10. Site_specific Jozi land art exhibition

  11. Chinese Mansions in China town Johannesburg designed by Pabst
    And the one of the right is a Pabst building designed for the Johannesburg Hospital. It is now a clinic

  12. Reflections of Pabst

  13. The architecture of W B Pabst
    Berlin born W B Pabst came to South Africa in 1935 after spending a year in jail under the Nazi regime. He built some unique gems which are still standing today

  14. Man of straw..
    Artist is the brilliant Angus Taylor
    Site_specific JOZI land art exhibition

  15. AD 1899, time for resurrection.