1. Thank you

    Thank you for all my fellow photographers likes and reblogs, special thanks to the teams and people at thephotographerssociety, Luxlit, PWS, photographers-of-colour, feedthecrows, vanilla-cocoon, thebrokenpath and lensblr-network for supporting my indulgence. Truly appreciated thank you.

    Love to you and yours


  2. Vagrants lot

  3. Take the long way home

  4. The Answer

  5. Apparition

  6. Abandoned bank
    I’ve been looking for a space for a shoot I’m putting together. Tony and I stumbled upon this gem so we are set

  7. Start of critical mass Jo’burg

  8. The gentleman

  9. Kerk street Mosque, Johannesburg

  10. Tony

  11. Are you visible

  12. Heavy days

  13. Talla
    (Originally from Senegal, Talla has built and is active in three businesses, this one, his restaurant which he opened 22 months ago in the Maboneng district in Johannesburg is his latest venture. A creator, an entrepreneur.)

  14. Roxy

  15. Johannesburg city of gold